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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 2, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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after a wild chase in the s re on a we counted up to 13. police cars following him. >> another fay cal police shooting after a wild chase in the south bay. what led to gunfire on a busy san jose street. we just have not been able to locate mr. bush. and so for that reason, the rescue effort is being discontinued. >> a man swallowed by a sinkhole and no chance for recovery. what will happen now to save a neighborhood. it's my money. so -- i mean it makes me mad. >> unclaimed cash stolen by the state. the change in the work to reunite residents with money left behind. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we begin tonight with developing story out of san jose. a high speed chase ends with officers shooting and killing a suspect. neighbors capturedthe dramatic
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scene on city treesen -- streets on their cell phones. and eventually ended near the intersection of blossom and carelo avenues. kpix 5's don knapp reports. >> reporter: and police are not talking specifically about a gun being used by the suspect although they do say a threatening motion was made. but the lethal weapon in this case was the suspect's own vehicle which he used to ram three police cars. what began as a solo officer chasing a suspect ended up with this, multiple police cars and ultimately shooting the suspect. it began in a residential neighborhood at camden and union about 2:30 in the afternoon according to san jose police sergeant. with what an officer decided was a driver acting suspiciously. when he approached the car dwyer says the car sped off and later when the officer caught up with him the driver rammed police car. that brought other officers into the chase. >> during that pursuit the initial pursuing officer's car is disabled 78 he has to drop out of the -- disabled.
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he has to drop out of the pursuit and the suspect them rams what we believe at this point to be at least two other marked police cars. >> the pursuit is now at low speeds in the neighborhood near blossom. the suspect is driving on rims after a tire is blown out. neighbor jim describes what he saw. >> we heard all the sirens going and i heard a car making a lot of noise when i looked up. he was coming -- going up blossom and you can see the car just dragging in the street. and then police were following and like i said we counted it up to 13 police cars following him. >> reporter: the suspect then pulled up in front of a residence and got out of his car. dwyer says the officers felt the suspect presented an imminent danger. they pulled up and dough their weapons. >> both officers fired at the suspect. he was later from pounced dead at the -- pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: investigators of course continuing to work the scene tonight for evidence as they constantly do whenever there's an officer-involved
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shooting. it's the first of 2013. there were four last year of the officer shoved shootings inned up in deaths of -- involved shootings involved in deaths of suspect. we are told the mother of the suspect was there and she apparently was not in the suspect's car. she may live in the neighborhood. another officer-involved shooting left a man dead in san francisco. police in daly city attempted to pull over a suspected car thief about 12:30 this morning. that led to a police chase that ended up in san francisco's little hollywood neighborhood. the man pointed a gun at them as he tried to flee on foot. >> one of the daly city officers discharged his firearm staking the suspect. the the president -- striking the suspect. the suspect didn't survive his injuries. now that now makes three deadly officer involved shootings in the bay area in the past 48 hours, sheriff'
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deputies killed a suspected kidnapper early yesterday morning. authorities were tipped off by his victim who texted a friend who called 91. the suspect led deputies on a chase before crashing and that's when they shot him fearing he was reaching for a weapon they say. no gun that was found. santa rosa police are still investigating. these all come on the heels of tuesday's officer-involved shooting in santa cruz. it is something that no one can quite get their minds around. a hole in the earth opening up under a house devouring a man sleeping in his bed. cbs reporter adriana diaz explain the search for the missing man is now called off. >> referee: after rescuers called off the search for his body. >> we have not been able to locate mr. bush. >> reporter: 37-year-old jeff bush december feared thursday night when the ground under his
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home opened up swallowing the bedroom. >> it needs to be done if outside the perimeter with huge equipment that will be able to reach in and bring out whatever we can of the house. >> reporter: it's slowly growing and threatens other homes in the suburb east of tampa. firefighters helped families at risk evacuate. the victim's brother is struggling with his loss. jeremy bush jumped into the hole to try to save his brother thursday. and had to be rescued himself. >> it's going to bother me for the rest of my life. i believe i'm going to have trouble because i was in the hole trying to rescue him. >> reporter: officials will start demolishing the home sunday morning. adoe yea that doe that has, cbs news. >> experts say they are common in florida. because the ground there is largely made up of weak clay and limestone but they say
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deaths are rare. a warning tonight for a people on the peninsula about a rash of recent burglaries. thieves have hit homes on lexington avenue and sheraton place in the highlands area. and police in three cases say that burglars got into the homes through sliding glass back doors. one woman says her husband came home and found their home ransacked and scramble jewelry was missing. she says the back door had been forced open. >> probably they have something that you know the bar you know. and then they have a lock here. they broke the lock. >> the sheriff's department has added extra patrols in the neighborhood and deputies are asking neighbors to report any suspicious vehicles or activity. santa clara county held the largest county funded gun buy back in the country. in exchange for firearms. each handgun, shotgun and rifle was worth $100 and each assault weapon $200. either way, the goal is to get
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guns off the streets. >> there is any fear from anyone saying well you know what if i'm connected to something? it is anonymous and we are maintaining that program to be anonymous and we encourage those that wish to turn in a weapon will do so. >> the guns are destroyed after being turned in. checking other bay area headlines, police in east palo alto are investigating a deadly drive-by shooting. it happened just after 6:00 last night on runny mead avenue near university avenue. a 22-year-old man was shot to death in his backyard by someone in a black colored car with tinted windows. the boy was also hurt in the shooting. police are now looking for the gunman. in san francisco, three homes were evacuated today following a water main break earlier this week. a soil engineer wept out to the west portland neighborhood and said the soil conditions changed and red tagged the three homes. the 61-year-old water pipe gave way early wednesday morning and the cause is still under
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investigation. and the federal government wants to information in a piece of -- invest in a piece of bay area aviation history. it's seeking private bids for the restoration and reuse of move et field's hangar one. the future has been uncertain ever since toxins were discovered ten years ago and the navy cleaned up the landmark and removed the panels last year. california republicans are taking a long look in the mirror at the state gop convention this weekend, they're talking about rebranding their image to win back voters and hopefully legislative power. >> we need to -- we need to be asking for the vote of the most powerful way possible and we need to have the diversity that's america. if we do we'll have success. >> less than 30% of california voters are registered republicans. one of the biggest challenges is attracting hispanic voters. >> the first thing they have to do is stop stalking about it in
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a way that demonizes people who come into this country unlawfully seeking work. >> republican strategist karl rove points to texas as an example of what republicans can achieve. the state elected republicans to 101 of the 150 state house seats. well, a freshman east bay congressman has gotten a harsh lesson in capitol hill politics. democrat eric swaldwell talked about his disappointment appearing at his first town hall meeting he pointed out across the board cuts will cost his district $11 million in education cuts alone. he says that business is usual attitude in washington doesn't sit weal well with the people -- well with the people. >> right now i see a congress with -- younger members who've just been elected who are eager and ready to work but i see a republican house leadership that is putting forth irresponsible cuts that are going to hurt the american
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people. >> he says he'll be watching along with the rest of the country to see if the billions in cuts slow the economy. in the bay area's hottest job markets, long lines for low paying work. >> i've never done this in probably 11 years. so it's -- it's kind of nerve- wracking. stomach ache yeah. >> it's silicon valley and anything but high-tech. where hiring fair brought in g crowds this weekend. >> the state of california taking your long forgotten cash and keeping it. what's being done in sacramento to make sure you're reunited with your money. >> from the kpix 5 weather center. good evening everybody. we are reunited with rain back in the forecast. we'll pinpoint the timing as the news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,
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and hundreds of baseball pls are trying to win a job wita club. but they aren't th we're well into spring training and hundreds of baseball players are trying to win a job with the club. but they aren't the only ones looking for work from ticket takers to ushers to concessions, kpix 5's anne makovec shows us the big turnout for the san jose giants' job fair. >> times are tough right now. >> reporter: hundreds of job seekers came hopeful for part- time temp work with the san
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jose giants. >> trying to make it and survive. >> reporter: not talking about high school kids for the summer. >> i haven't done this in probably 11 years. it's kind of -- nerve-wracking. stomach ache you know. >> reporter: liz perez already has a job but she needs another one to keep up with the rising cost of living. >> everything's going up. but your income. >> reporter: randy ibanez agrees, he already works full- time at a warehouse. >> there are a lot of jobs available but then there's a lot of competition though. everyone's looking for a job right now. >> reporter: she has training and ten years experience in promotion and she'll take what she can get. >> retail sales i'm willing to start there. i understand that and learn more about the game just being there. and then move up from there. >> you know we've had such a huge turnout the last few years we decided to change the process this year. >> reporter: applicants preregistered online and then be invited to the hiring event. 400 people got the nod. >> really to have about 200 people. we've doubled our numbers.
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>> reporter: now they have no problem filling jobs unlike the days when the silicon valley was booming. >> my first year was eight seasons ago and we had about 50 people. so that's the difference. >> reporter: about 125 jobs are actually available. that means only one in four will be hired. they'll find out on friday. >> there'll be some anxiety and some anxiousness you know. >> how are you going to keep your mind off the nerves until friday? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the jobs will start when the san jose giants kick off the season on april 11th. in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. and nearly all of the jobs offered at today's job fair are minimum wage. in san jose, that's now $10 an hour. well, weeks and weeks of testing are coming down to this. the light sculpture on the bay bridge will be turned on on tuesday creating dazzling spectacle only visible when you look at the bridge not when you
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drive on it. restaurants and hotels with bridge views are filling up ahead of the debut on tuesday. the world's largest light sculpture will glow thanks to 25,000 l. e. d. lites on the western span. it will go on overnight over the next two years. and we are counting down the days until the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kpix 5 is your official station for the opening ceremony labor day weekend. well, it happens to millions of californians every year. money is left behind and forgotten accounts and often lost forever. it's supposed to be held by the state until you claim it. but cbs reporter curtis ming reports there's a catch. >> i think it's really unfair to the consumer. >> reporter: that's bonnie reacting to our investigation. if unclaimed money is less than $50 you may never get it back. >> it's their money. >> reporter: 15-year-old tanner cole found out about it when the money he had in his bank of america savings account went to the state. >> it's my money and it really
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makes me mad. >> reporter: his dad says the state couldn't find the money. >> the state says there's nothing showing up for tanner, they don't have any record of receiving anything and they don't know when or if it's coming. >> reporter: they only need to send along the owner's name if the property has a value of at least $50. which explains why the state had no record of tanner's $30.75. and they don't have to notify you beforehand either. >> i think it's pretty dumb because how am i supposed to know? >> reporter: we learned the state has ken in $68 million since 2007 without any property owner information. that is $68 million that belongs to you, and ends up in the state's general fund. >> all of a sudden we were the little fish in the big giant pond of other people in the same predicament. and surprised that nobody had done anything about it. >> reporter: but now, someone doing something about it. >> i actually pride myself on doing work for the little guy.
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>> reporter: assembly member authored a bill requiring names and addresses to be sent along to the state with any unclaimed money and consumer must be notified before the money is transferred. >> that's the goal, people need to be notified. >> reporter: tanner got the $30.75 back after we got involved from the bank of america which helped him buy the new shoes. we may be the reason for -- he may be the reason for a change if state law. >> hopefully the end result is that it actually does pass and get signed and it won't happen again to anybody else. i think it should be calls tanner's law. >> if it passes it would go into effect next january. all right. roberta is joining us now. a little bit of everything this weekend. >> you've absolutely right. from the records high temperatures we've been experiencing to cooler conditions and now a chance of rain back in the forecast that you're asking? will the weather be fair?
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hmm. hmm. okay. on cue there. >> look at this. >> it's so -- so up fair. in oakland off of 880 annual event a couple of bucks for admission we'll be moving on to randy college next. but it will still be open tomorrow for all of your enjoyment. rain or shine. we have this looks really ominous doesn't it? it's kind of deceiving because it's actually verga, it's rain that's evaporating and the very dry air mass wedy have a little bit of -- we did have a little bit of a light sprinkle occurring in santa rosa. but this is live hi-def doppler radar and they are dissipated. we'll keep the sprinkles in the forecast, yeah not so fair tomorrow. currently, it's very mild numbers. 53 for one of coolest spots in san francisco and in san to rosa. otherwise it's still 59 in livermore. pleasanton and? dublin. today's highs ten degrees cooler than yesterday in santa row seay. down from 81 to 71 degrees. in oakland at 74 yesterday. today 72 and upper 60s san
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francisco. 74 around santa rosa tonight overnight tonight. very mild with the blanket of clouds and into the 30s and 40s for again overnight lows. we will have some mostly cloudy skies overnight and a chance of light sprinkle or shower. that's how we'll kick start the sunday morning. then turning partly sunny. a second system roms into -- rolls into the bay area by easily on wednesday. we have plume of clouds lifting up from the southwest merging with a very weak trough and falling apart another the seams as it banks up against the north western section of the state. some cooler air mass will knock back the temperatures. on the sunday here, 1:00 in the afternoon, let'sly along. some verga or light shower. mainly north of the golden gate bridge. a few cloud and we will have some dry conditions. your commute on monday will be delay as well. then by tuesday bang by the evening commute a wetter stronger more potent system moves into the bay area.
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and anticipated so tomorrow we see any kind of rain early a few one hundredths of an inch, that's about it. 50s and 60s and obviously the numbers are going down. the winds are going up out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. here's the extended forecast. sunshine day on monday. tuesday, we begin to cloud up with the rain arriving by the evening commute. rain now on wednesday and dropping snow levels down to 3500 feet. and dry conditions after that. napa valley marathon tomorrow. 35th annual. go runners go, go to bed right now. you shouldn't be up. 47 degrees. >> all righty thank you much. all right, this could be a precursor to fleet week. how the billions in federal budget cuts already canceled a favorite aviation attraction. ,,,,,,,,,, [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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all right, listen up lovers of fleet week in ohio. air show featuring the aerobatic thunder birds flying team has been canceled. the reason? the sequester. the air force says the group's entire season will be scrapped because the federal budget cuts. san francisco could suffer similar fate. there's been talk that the blue angels shows during fleet week are also in jeopardy. all right, usually when you say sharks and blood it's not a good thing but that wasn't the case today in the south bay. the san jose sharks foundation and the stanford blood center hosted the save a life blood drive at hp pavilion. registration for organ and marrow donations were also available. >> i was in the military. so -- i've spent years of my life helping other people. and this is my -- way to continue to help people who are in need. and the second half is obviously i get to meet some of -- sharks' players and hang out and watch them practice. >> yeah that's right.
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opportunity. wish we could have finished the job. thanks for the opportunity. some of what randy moss tweeted tonight announcing he would not be returning to the 49ers. but on to the matters of your golden state warriors, mr. mono please? david lee another road loss this time in philadelphia. the warriors blew a ten point
10:29 pm
lead and the sixers jumped them. that's a tough shot. warriors lose and 1-4 on the road trip. in san jose, sharks already up 1-0 on the predators. joe pavelski stuffs one in. they beat nashville 2-1. first win in regulation since february 19th. on senior night here. the cups are close and here came the gales. with the explanation point and st. mary's wins it 80-67. cal hosting colorado. allen crab tyrone! tyrone wallace. cal wins it 62-46. landmark day for her. at washington state, amber orange oh a take away. to her. 28 points and 13 rebounds. the 13 rebounds puts her ahead of sister necca for the all time single subpoena rebounding record -- season rebounding record. 72-50 was the final score as they


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